Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DV1 - What's with the Cake?

On April 25th, I started my first blog, DrawVersations.  The concept is an exploration on communication between groups and individuals without words.  By drawing.  Creating.

I hesitate to apply rules.  Simply, because I know that I will be the first to break the rules.  Which is really what DrawVersations is all about.  Breaking the rules on how we converse with each other.

It is not an original idea.  However, the term "DrawVersation" appears to be first coined here.  The art not great.  But will get better.  I know this, because I used to have a good hand for art.  I just have been away from it.  Trying to pay the bills doing other things.  More on that at another time.

As for the cake.  April 25th is my birthday.  I turned 50.

So for my birthday - I created a small work of art.  Created a new blog for that art.  Posted it Facebook and Twitter.  Got my Lady, to be my first follower.  Her brother was my first commenter (and, hopefully, not the last).  Spent the day with my Lady.  Eating good Indian food.  Shopping for camping gear.

It was a good birthday.

My two favorite gifts?  My Lady and the new blogsite.  In that order.

Let's have a DrawVersation.

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